Created as part of one of my final pieces for A-Level Fine Art. I used the subject of the 70hp Johnson outboard engine that I was restoring at the time. I found the chaotic appearance of the engine to be perfect for creating a beautifully obscure composition.

The work is made up of three layers, as demonstrated by the image below. Each layer made use of Adobe Photoshop.

The first layer was just the negetive space which was highlighted with the ‘polygonal lasso tool’ in Photoshop. This was printed with a light brown/beige colour.

The second layer was initially created with a half-tone edit of the positive space in the original image. This was then used to print a two-part gradient which went with the last print.

The last layer was composed of a hand-drawn interpretation of the engine’s detail using my Wacom Bamboo tablet to control the brush tool in Photoshop. This was printed with a very dark tone of blue.

_DSC0998 cropped and straightened_DSC0451

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