EURANIM 2018 in Lille, France

Whilst located in the Arenberg Creative Mine, I worked in a team of four animation students where we were given a piece of music that we had to create an animation to accompany it. Our theme was “Elevator” which whilst also being in the “Monument” workshop, gave us a lot of freedom in what we could create.

In just four days, we had decided on a visual style, our production method, and finally a finished piece of animation that would make its way to be projected onto the Opera House in Lille.

These are the names of the students I worked with on this project:
Loan Le Hoang (1st piece of animation)
Amber Johnson (2nd piece of animation, assisting with exporting)
Barnabas Nemes (4th piece of animation, compositing)


This is the section I animated:


For the full video of our teams section, look here:

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